Almanacco della Pizza, that is to say the people who took the challenge

Halfway between a book and a collection of stories, through words and images, but without a single photo of a pizza; instead, the faces and hands of the pizzaioli – 13, interviewed, photographed and filmed – who have contributed in writing those stories...

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This is, in brief, the first volume of the Almanacco della Pizza, first launched at Pizza Up 2019, a collection of the “original souls who are writing the history of pizza”.

As Chiara Quaglia and Piero Gabrieli point out in the presentation, «We are attracted and we attract critics, passionate and farsighted people, who challenge those who stand looking without exposing themselves, and live the change to give the past a contemporary value. In this Almanacco there are 13 pizzaioli of this kind, starting from the person who caused the first sparkle».

That is to say Simone Padoan, greeted by an applause that seemed endless. And after the Venetian, Gennaro Battiloro, Renato Bosco, Marco Farabegoli, Daniele Donatelli, Massimo Giovannini, Massimiliano Prete, Lello Ravagnan, Giuseppe Rizzo, Giovanni Santarpia, Corrado Scaglione, Friedrich Schmuck and Massimo Travaglini. Cristina Viggè was the author of their stories, with a postface from Corrado Assenza and photos from Thorsten Stobbe.

Who was in the last 25 years the first pizzaiolo to bravely apply an innovative idea in the making of pizza dough? And who was the first to use fresh and seasonal ingredients? Who highlighted and enhanced the connection with farmers and agriculture? Who redefined the balance between water, flour and yeast so that the dough would be lighter? Who visualised and materialised a future for pizza in fine dining?

There are people who match ideas and passion for their work, to accomplish their innovative vision. Not so that they can surprise, or to be leaders, but to contribute in conveying over time the values they have experienced in the past. These people are witnesses of what was good in the past and spontaneously dedicate their life so that those good things may have a future, creating original and contemporary consumption experiences. And by doing so, they become role models. The Almanacco della Pizza tells their story.

Article by Identità Golose